Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is Detroit The Dieselpunk Mecca?

Los Angeles, Tokyo, and New York City are cyberpunk/biopunk. London, Paris, and older New York is steampunk/clockpunk, but where do you think dieselpunk would have likely been set? I think since dieselpunk is all about the petroleum power based technocratic society wouldn't Detroit be the logical place? Chicago, Cleavland, and Cincinnati are also good choices for setting.

Don't mind me, I'm just thinking out you know what I mean.

Monday, February 2, 2009

VC At The Movies: Semi-Pro

I love a good comedy, I love Will Ferrell, and I love my home town, (no matter how bad off it may be), and so when I found out that there was a Will Ferrell comedy being made about and even in Flint, I was ecstatic. Seriously, it couldn't get any better. When I finally did get to see it I was pretty stoked. After all not many movies are made about Michigan much less about Flint. Of course as usual I didn't get the opportunity to go see it at the theater I did get to rent it for free. Yay for having a boyfriend working at Blockbuster.

Semi-Pro is about singer Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell) who had a single hit record in the 70s called "Love Me Sexy". With the money he got from the hit song he bought the (fictional) Flint Tropics basketball team. Of course no one attends the basketball games and Jackie is losing money. Sadly this bit is true, Flint has had several semi-pro sports teams and with the exception of The Flint Generals hockey team, (which has had a fairly tumultuous career in Flint to say the least), they've all gone under. The Tropics are in last place in the ABA and when the commissioner has a meeting of the all of the teams telling them that all but four of the teams will be disolved with the remaining four teams going to the NBA, Jackie has a melt down. He convinces the commissioner that they should reconsider and that the top four teams by the end of the season should be the ones that go on to the NBA. Of course much mayhem and hilarity ensues, and with the acquisition of Ed Monix a washed up NBA star the team sets out to make it to number four. Of course we know who in the ABA went on to the NBA so you pretty much know the ending, but getting there is pretty funny. Jackie has to get attendance up, win games and it isn't easy, but it's funny. I won't give any spoilers, but it is worth a watch. It's not as good as Anchorman, but it is pretty funny. One thing that kind of bugged me, why did they have to mention Flint Michigan so many times? Who says the full name of the place they're referencing anyway? It would make for a great drinking game though.

Oh and a couple of things. I'm not nitpicking because it didn't really bother me but the Capitol theater wasn't being used as a movie theater in 1976. I believe it was being used as a venue for small time rock bands for concerts. Also Henry Ford had nothing to do with making Flint, that was Louis Chevrolet, Billy Durant, and Charles Mott.

If you like Will Ferrell and his usual silly comedy then this movie is for you.

7.5 shuriken out of 10