Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Fight Over Marriage Rights.

There are a couple of heterosexual college students here in California who are going to begin to collect signatures for a proposed ballot initiative to strike marriage from law. I say good. If Marriage is a religious institution then it should not be a legal one too. I've said this ever since the Gay marriage debate started getting hot here. My solution is the fairest, though probably won't be very popular.

If marriage is strictly religious, fine then it should only be recognized by the church, or whatever religious institution that performed it. It should not have any legal bearing what so ever. It would be strictly a rite performed by the religious institutions, like baptism. If you want your union to be recognized legally then you whould have civil unions performed by a judge or JOP. If you want both, fine, then have both. That way everyone, straight and gay alike have the same rights. It's fair and a fairly simple solution.